Dear Swimmers/Parents

If this email has been sent to a parent/guardian, then could I please ask that you speak to your child/children about the content of this email.

It has been brought to my attention that there have been some behavioural issues in the changing rooms at Etwall Leisure Centre.  Could I please remind all swimmers about the Code of Conduct for Swimmers (As a swimmer: Items 4, 7  and 9) that they have signed and that not only does Etwall Eagles use the changing facilities at Etwall, the public also use the facility, so impeccable behaviour is expected at all times.

As previously communicated, the Club has designated areas for males and females for a reason.  This was agreed by the Swim England Safeguarding team and must be complied with at all times.  A copy of the map is attached showing which areas to use at Etwall Leisure Centre.

During the training sessions, the coaches/teachers set warm-ups before each main set for a reason.  These are to ensure swimmers bodies are fully warmed up ready to undertake the main set.  It has been pointed out, that a number of swimmers are using this part of the session to mess about.  Without undertaking the warm-up, as set by those on poolside, the swimmers are risking themselves to injury etc.  Going forward, can all swimmers ensure they complete the warm-up as set on the board.  Coaches/Teachers will be monitoring this going forward.

If anybody has an issue with any of the above, then please get in touch.

Best regards

Chairman - EESC
[email protected]

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