There will be 2 sets of time trials in January.

On Friday, 10 January from 7.00 pm, there will be distance trials for swimmers over 11 years old (100m upwards) and also 50m trials for those swimmers (9 and 10 years only), who require times for the Counties in February. Please complete the form, which will be on the notice board at Etwall from Sunday, 21 December and will be taken down on Wednesday, 8 January at 9.00 pm. Only entries on the form will be able to swim.

The second trials will be on Sunday, 26 January from 5-7 pm for 11 years and under. These trials will be 25m and 50m ONLY. The sheet will be on the board at Etwall from Friday, 10 January until Wednesday, 22 January. Again, only entries on the form will be able to swim.

We would appreciate help from parents at either trial session with timekeeping. If you are available, please add your name to the bottom of the sheets. Any questions, please speak to Andy or Cathy Hall.

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