To provide swimming teaching and coaching to all members irrespective of ability and age.

Etwall Eagles Swimming Club wants every swimmer to enjoy their sport at whatever level they take part and hope that with a strong Masters section we can encourage young people to continue their participation in swimming into adulthood.

The club aims to provide quality teaching and coaching, whilst allowing flexibility in attendance of sessions to fit in with family life and commitments.

Young swimmers will start in the teaching sessions, moving from widths to lengths as they gain technique and stamina. As they progress swimmers will learn skills for competition and will be encouraged to take part in time trials and club championships before progressing to galas and open meets. Swimmers will be encouraged to train more frequently as they progress and those with further potential are encouraged to take up invitations to join the Derventio Excel elite squad.

The Head Coach monitors all swimmers, encouraging them to achieve their potential. The club has many long term members and they are encouraged to get involved in the coaching of younger swimmers, gaining skills and qualifications as well as valuable experience.