If you are interested in joining Etwall Eagles Swimming Club and would like more details please contact us by emailing us.

See the Training section for details of when and where to find us! Most questions can probably be answered by reading our Membership Handbook. The new 2017 handbook is work in progress and will be available soon.

Monthly fees by Standing Order are:

These fees include the cost of the annual Swim England membership fee paid by the club on behalf of the swimmer. If you do not pay the family membership fee, family swims are £1 discount for each additional family member/swimmer. (i.e. 1st swimmer full price, 2nd, 3rd etc swimmer £1 each deduction from full fee). Please note that payment by standing order is compulsory for all swimmers aged under 16 (payment of £6 per session is not available for these swimmers). For swimmers aged 16 and over, payment by any means other than standing order is £6 per session and either a £20 (non-competitive) or £38 (competitive) annual Swim England membership fee. If you have any queries, please contact our membership secretary Kathy Cooper (

All new members should obtain a welcome pack from one of the coaches, follow the provided link to the online registration form and enter their swimmer's details, and send the standing order mandate directly to their bank branch or use the club's bank account details on the form to set their standing order up via online banking.

Members - do we have your e-mail address? if not please update your personal page...

Last Updated 02 August 2017

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